Monday, November 10, 2008

Being sick sucks!

Well today I was not the least bit productive. I have been sick since 4 a.m. and just now starting to feel better. I have been in bed all day thinking of all the things that I could be doing with a day off and no one at home but instead I slept most of the day away. Dang Whataburger! I think that I am going to steer clear of there for a while. I should have known that we were not supposed to eat there when (a) we had to wait in line at the drive through for 15 minutes (b) They did not give us the right order and I had to go in and tell them. When we were leaving I told Mike that I am not going to go back to Whataburger because they take too long and never get things right for us. Anyway I am feeling better but still very tired. It is 8:51 and I am already ready to go to bed.
Our TV is broken so that is fun! Not that we can't go without TV but I do have a few shows that I really like to watch. Yesterday was the first day without TV and I told Mike that it was actually nice and he agreed! We got some stuff done that we needed and the house was quiet! We are going to start having one day a week that the TV stays off.
This weekend was nice but busy like always. Samantha had a softball tournament that lasted all day. Her team lost their first game but then came back to win 4 in a row and claimed first place in the 10 and under. They played two games back to back and then we went home for about 3 hours and went back out there for 3 games back to back. The team that they played got a long break before playing them and I think that even though our girls were tired they were warmed up and ready to go so they had the advantage. They won 12 to 0! We are so proud of Samantha and her team. Tomorrow they are being treated to an ice cream party at Maggie Moo's!
McKayla is doing really well. Math is really getting better and that is a blessing.
Addyson is getting funnier and funnier everyday. Today she slapped me and then said "Sorry hit you" It was in the cutest tone. She can say thank you now. Yesterday Mike took her plate for her and she told him "Thank you!" It is amazing how fast they grasp everything. She knows what to do when I tell her go find your cup. She is so smart. I know that all parents say that about their children but it is true!
Well, that is all that I have to update on as of right now. Well actually I have more but I am ready to go to bed so I am going to end.
Hope that you all have a great week.


Sherry Caffey said...

YEA!! You're back from a long no post break. Hate to hear that you were sick, but glad you feel better. Great experiment having no TV. You will realize how "addicted" you are to that silly object. I bet the computer was busy. Love you.

Williams Family said...

You are right! Off and on everyone was on the computer but the good thing is they get tired of it faster!