Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Family fun

Yesterday we went to the Temple parade. Other than freezing our toes and noses off we had a lot of fun. We got out there at about 6 p.m. and had a picnic. The parade started at 6:30 but we were at the end so we had a while to wait. Addyson was not too happy about the wait so we walked down to the bridge and watched the trains for a while. The whole time she was saying "Choo choo" it was so cute. She wants to be so independent so it makes for outings like that a little trying. I gave her to Mike and she just started crying but once the parade started she was really having a lot of fun. She was dancing to the music and clapping! I have to say, Mike was great. Usually he does not do well when we do things like this but he was calm the whole time and he actually had fun himself.
Another event that we had was Addyson's first hair cut. She thought that the hair dresser was really hurting her. She was crying and did not enjoy the hair cut at all.
Tonight we had our family Tuesday no TV night. We had a lot of fun just running around the house playing with each other. we started with dinner all together at the table which is something that we do anyway and the we also sat down and read a book that the girls bought this weekend. It is called Twilight. Each of us took a turn reading so that was nice. Mike said tonight that he really enjoyed the no TV night. The girls did not fight once! That is always nice and the house was not full of a loud TV but it was full of laughing and playing! I love it!
Addyson crying because she was getting her
hair cut!

The finished product! She is beautiful!

McKayla and me

Mike and his brother Patrick

McKayla enjoying the parade with Addyson

Samantha and Celestina

Addyson and mommy

Addyson not happy that her daddy has a hold on her


Kellsotr said...

It is awesome that you are doing a no TV night! That is something that the girls will really remember and cherish.

shawkins said...

I love the no TV Night that is such a great idea. I also love that you guys sit down to dinner with each other. John and I do that too with Maddie. He grew up doing it but as you know we did not but I think it is just a nice time to spend with each other. Love the pictures of Addyson getting her hair cut!