Friday, January 16, 2009

Get a job!

You may wonder why I would have this man's photo on my blog but what you are looking at is a mug shot of David Stokes. On Thursday morning at 4:00 a.m. Mike and I woke to banging on our front door. I get to the door and saw a Temple police officer standing there. As I regained my composure I opened the door and he asked the stupidest question... " Are these your two vehicles?" as he pointed to the two that were obviously in my driveway. I said "yes" and he said "Please came outside we caught a man breaking into cars. We want you to check and see if there is anything missing."
When Mike and I walked up to his car it was obvious that he had gone through his car. The glove box was open and everything that was in it was strewn all over the floor and seat. He also tried to get his radio but I think that the police officer pulled up right as he was trying to get that out. He did not get anything and thank gosh Mike had his golf clubs in the garage. He would have been devastated if those were taken. I would have been as well because then he would have wanted to buy a whole new set and those cost a pretty penny! So here is the story that the KWTX posted.
"An alert Temple police officer is credited with catching a suspect in a series of vehicle break-ins early Thursday morning.
Officer Paul Bench was on patrol around 3:45 a.m. Thursday in the 100 block of Cheyenne in Temple when he spotted a man crouched down behind a vehicle.
When Bench approached, the man ran, police said.
Bench caught him a shirt time later, police said.
Meanwhile, other officers in the area discovered several vehicles that had been broken into.
Property taken in the burglaries was recovered.
David Stokes, 23 of Temple was taken to the Bell County Jail.
He is facing charges that include evading arrest and three misdemeanor counts of burglary of a motor vehicle."
I just wish that people like him would just get a job! I know times are tough! The economy sucks and blaa blaa blaa but what makes this guy or any other criminal out there think that the people they are robbing are any better off than they are. I am sure that this guy is probably a drug addict you can just look at the picture and tell that, but man I just don't get it. Mike and I feel so violated! There has been a lot of theft in our area and I am sure that it was probably him. I am glad that they caught him but now because I am sure that after he ran out of things to take from cars our houses would have been next. Only thing that I hate is he is probably just going to get a slap on the wrist from our oh so trusty judicial system we have in place!

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wow Jennifer. This really sucks.