Sunday, January 04, 2009

Putting the Christmas tree up

I really struggle with trying to have the same kinds of traditions that my mom use the have for Stacey and I on the night that we would put up our Christmas tree. I remember having so much fun! She would turn the Christmas music on and make all kinds of goodies. Every year I say I am going to do that but all that happens is we get in a rush and I randomly pull all the Christmas stuff out and announce that we are putting the tree up tonight. Mike's mom always just put their tree up and never involved her children. Therefor I really have to pull Mike into the fun. I love traditions and I want to make sure that my girls all have fond memories of the things that we did together as a family. I am going to do better this year.

As you can see we did have fun putting the tree up!

McKayla got to put the star on .

Addyson wasn't too sure if she should throw the ornaments
or put them on the tree. Throwing them was much more
fun. I found ornaments all over the house.

Mike helping the girls get the hooks on.

Samantha putting an ornament on.

Addyson putting her ornament on.

McKayla putting her ornament on.

The finished product


Sherry Caffey said...

I love the pictures. You are making memories regardless of how they look inside your head. The girls had fun so therefore the evening was a family success.

Kellsotr said...

It is very hard to blend two different sets of traditions, and ideas about what should be done for holidays. It is also hard to want to do the same thing your family did as well as try to have your own unique traditions. Good for you for involving everyone, it is not easy, and the pictures say that a lot of fun was had by all!