Sunday, March 29, 2009

March fun!

Addyson loved the bunny and did not want
to give it up when it was time to put it back!
She responded with a "NO!"

Addyson in the rocking chairs at
Cracker Barrel.

McKayla and Addyson playing in the water.

Samantha at the park. She thinks that she
is too old to play but she got involved for
a little while.

Addyson loved the swing.

Samantha on the way to the park.

McKayla on the way to the park.

I am really trying to update this more often so here goes....
One of my goals for this summer is to be more active outside with the girls. I want to go to the park more, swim more and have picnics. Just have more fun together and give them more memoies. That is very important to me. I want them to grow up and say "I remember when..."
I know that I have lots of those moments as an adult so I want to share that with them.
Now on to the other things that are on my mind. I am going to get my butt in gear and exercise more. I have not done well at all. I have a membership to the Summit so now it is time to use it. I waste my Saturdays and Sundays being lazy and I am going to start getting up and taking a shower and get moving. Addyson was taking a nap at around 10 am and she still does at times but normally she is not ready at that time anymore unless she gets up really early. Today she slept in until 9:00 and my other girls are still asleep and i is 9:30! That is so nice because I still get up early and I am able to have a little time to myself. No one standing over my shoulder or trying to sit in my lap while I am on the computer. That is nice! I am sad that my children are getting so big. Samantha is turning into a teen-ager faster than I want her too. Then it will be McKayla's turn. I still debate everyday if I want to have one more child. I really do but I know that financially it will be hard. I am just going to leave that up to God. The way that I see it is, if I am meant to have another child then when I decide that I am going to try it will either happen or it wont. I love my little family as it is but I can't help but want another baby. I love being a mom. That is just the way that God made women. That is what the bible says, We are supposed to get married and make reproduce! Not in those exact words but it is in there.
another one of my goals is to get debt free. We don't have that much debt but the debt that we have I want to pay it off! The borrower is slave to the lender. As I say that I know that I want to go back to school and finish my bachelors degree. So there is more debt! Kelly and Matt know all about that right? I wish that Mike would get back into school as well but I don't think that is something that he really wants to do. We have talked about it but that is about it.
So there is my update for today... hope that you all enjoyed reading it. Jennfer

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Sherry Caffey said...

Thanks for the post. The pictures are precious. The great goals, have more fun with the family, exercise and get debt free. (FREEDOM!!) As for the other one on school, as Dave Ramsey would say school is great if you can pay as you go. You do not want to share your home with SallieMae.