Monday, May 12, 2008

Addyson's surgery

On Tuesday May 6th Addyson had a surgery to put tubes in her ears. She did so well. We had to be there at 7:30 so we still had time to do our normal routine with Samantha and McKayla. They were at school just about 10 minutes earlier than normal. Both were really apprehensive about Addyson's surgery and really wanted to come to the hospital with us. I assured them that everything was going to be okay and that Addyson would be at home in the bed taking a nap long before they even went to lunch. Actually the whole process was so fast that we were eating breakfast at 8:45. Scott & White has a Child Life Specialist that comes in and talks to each child about what is going to happen during the surgery, no matter the age. They bring in things that the child will see in the operating room and let them touch and play with it all. Addyson was so cute. She just kept on smiling and laughing. She is such a pleasant baby. The Child Life Specialist said that she would love to use her as an example. I do not think that we will be doing that though. I do not want to expose her to anything that she does not have to be exposed to. When it was time for her to go back I put her down in the little red wagon and off she went. She liked the wagon a lot and if you know Addyson you know the smile that she gave as she was going down the hall. Everyone stopped and looked at her. (You know, because she is so pretty!) When we got to the door where no family is allowed she went on like a big girl. Didn't even look back at us. I was so shocked that I did not boo hoo. Only just a little teary eyed. I was proud of myself!

When Addyson came back into the room she was still asleep but woke up within about five minutes. She cried then and threw herself around a little. I tried to put my booby in her mouth thinking that would comfort her but no such luck. She was really upset about what had just happened and was not sure where she was. The nurse took her a little later to check her out and make sure she was ready to go home and when she went to give Addyson back to me she did not want me. She cried as though I was a stranger. I was surprised that I did not cry about that either. Guess I was a big girl that day too. We tried again with the same result! The nurse actually walked us all the way to the doors. I could tell that it made her feel good that Addyson wanted her. Maybe God knew that she needed the love of a baby that day. Who knows.

All in all it was not a bad experience at all. Addyson seems to be doing so much better. Still grabbing her ears but we are not sure if it is just out of habit or if she is still having pain. Now my fear is that I will get water in her ears. I put Vaseline on cotton balls but the cotton gets so wet that I worry. I am almost scared to give her a bath!

Now in just one more short month she will be one year old. I cannot believe how fast time flies. I hate it. Kelly, just wait until you are at the one year mark with Camille, you will not believe how fast it goes by.

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