Thursday, May 15, 2008


Getting ready to play

In the dugout

Last minute coaching

Up to bat!

Samantha started softball this year and let me tell you it is time consuming, but a lot of fun. She has had two games so far and they are 2-0! On Tuesday they beat a team by the skin of their teeth. It was "The team to beat" the team name was the Crush, and well, the Angels "Crushed" them alright! Samantha was so happy that they won.

She was a trouper at the last game stepping into a roll that she was unfamiliar with. Several of their team mates did not show up and she was randomly picked to play hind catcher. That is a very hard job. I just felt so bad for her but she did just fine. She got out there and put on all the gear and pretended to know what she was doing. She hasn't ever practiced in that position before! Poor thing was dripping wet with sweat! You all know how hot natured she is... But she persevered and made several good catches and throws. I was more worried for her than she was for sure! I did not like my baby being thrown out to the wolves! Plus I know that she wants to be a great player and does not want to disappoint her teammates.

Samantha really enjoys softball and I am so glad. I wanted to find something that she would like and could be good at. I think that we found it. Now we just have to work on getting McKayla into something that she will like. She wants to ride horses and I have not ruled that out but I know that she likes dancing. When I ask her if that is something that she would like to do she always says no. I think that she is afraid that she will be made fun of or have to compete against other people. She is really hard to figure out. I think that she is competitive but she is so afraid that she will not be the winner so therefore she chooses not to participate. I hope getting her involved in something will break that cycle for her.

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