Saturday, May 31, 2008

Our first big scare with Addyson

This is funny mommy because you have to clean this up!

Let me put some on you!

What are you looking at?

Pick me up please!

Laughing because she tore the paper.

She really thought that is was funny.

Today while shopping at Wal-Mart Addyson fell out of the shopping cart. Samantha always stays with her while I check out but today she was up by me and the next thing that we heard was a thud on the floor and crying. I have to tell you we were all really concerned if she was okay. No one saw her fall so we had no idea if she hit her head or what. I have to say God was really watching over her. She is fine. I cannot find any bruises on her body or bumps on her head. I called the PAN nurse at Scott & White and told her how I checked her out and she told me that I needed to just watch her and observe her behavior. She is fine though. Talking just like she was before and being just as silly as ever. She does not act like it hurts or cry when I pick her up. I am going to be watching her very closely for the next few days. But as you can tell by the pictures above she is fine.


daria24jac said...

Oh my...I bet your heart went up you throat. It is amazing how you can turn your head for one second and then bang something happens.

Williams Family said...

I know! They are so fast.

sherry said...

She is such a happy baby. I am glad that you posted the pictures.