Monday, May 26, 2008

So far so good!

I put Addyson down in her bed at about 8:30 and she did not stir! She is still asleep and I am so happy. I know that tomorrow may be horrible again but for tonight I am enjoying the peace of a sleeping baby. After we got home from my mom and dad's house tonight we went straight outside and I hung up Addyson's johnny jumper in the tree while the girls played with water guns with Abby from next door. She loved watching them but when they got out of sight she would just cry. Mike mowed the yard and I was busy cutting some bushes that needed trimming. I think that she was just worn out and that is why she went straight to sleep. She did not eat well for me all day though and I hate that. She just wanted to nurse which is fine but I am trying to get her use to eating three meals a day. This morning I made her oatmeal and thought I would just sit in the living room floor to feed her. As soon as I got down on the floor she threw Mike's cell phone in the oatmeal. She did not want to eat that so we just breastfed. Then lunch she ate pretty good. She loves sweet potatoes. Dinner was the same issue, she just was not interested at all. Oh well, I know that she is not starving so I guess that I just need to stop worrying about it. I am going to get back on birth control pills when she turns one. I have not done so because I feared that it would dry my milk up. It has in the past with both girls. I am very ready to get back on them because it is no fun having to worry if what you are using is going to be effective. That may be more than any of you want to know but it was on my mind so I put it in here.
Seems like now I am posting more than Kelly... What is up with that Kelly? I posted three times in two days. Yes count them
1 2 3 !!!
I am off to bed. I hope that you all have a great week.

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