Sunday, May 25, 2008

This is horrible!

As I sit here and type my blog I am listening to my baby scream her head off in her bed. This is the worst that she has ever cried. It is so hard to listen to. It breaks my heart. I know that it is mine and Mike's fault because we have co-slept for so long. She is having withdrawals and so are Mike and I. Mike enjoys having her in the bed as much as I do. She likes to creep over to him and snuggle with him and he loves that. I also enjoy the company of her being in bed when Mike leaves to go to work. I know that it is silly to say that an eleven month old baby gives me comfort and makes me some how feel a little safer when she is there. We have enjoyed her sleeping with us but the time has come to move her to her bed and she is really upset to put it lightly! I have been in there for about 40 minutes. I fed her and rocked her and then put her in her bed. She was good for a few minutes but as soon as I stopped patting her butt she would move around and cry out. I picked her up and got her back to sleep again and did the same routine as before. This time I patted her butt for about a minute or two and walked out thinking that she was asleep. No such luck. She is still crying and I know they say to let them just cry it out and they will go to sleep...... Nothing!!! I hear nothing right now!!!! IS SHE ASLEEP????? Waiting to hear her again right now...... Well, I just peeked in on her and she is just sitting in her bed. But no crying! That is some progress right? We will see. All that I know is that I am ready to sleep through the night! It has been eleven months since I have had a full nights rest. That is way too long. So far still no sounds coming from her room. Maybe I will go get in the bed as well.
Now on to something else. Samantha and McKayla both cut their hair off. They both look so good. Samantha did not get a new hair style but McKayla did and she thinks that she "looks fabulous" In her own words! She is just excited that it is going to be so easy to take care of and wash. I will post pictures soon.
Well, I am off to bed now to get some sound sleep! I hope!
Night to all.


Sherry said...

Can't wait to see the pictures of the girls. They look cute no matter what hair style they have. I can't picture Samantha with anything but long hair.

shawkins said...

Put some pictures up of their new do's!